An Olympic Campaign – Interview with Jasmin Taylor

Jasmin originally competed as an Alpine Skier at the age of 12. But a few years later, changed tack and began showing potential as a Telemark Skier. But what does she love so much about this sport that she wants to see it recognised within the Olympics? ”It’s so varied. To have skiing, jumping and skating elements altogether. You have to be strong in so many different things. But it’s also great for balance, and people who are good at Nordic and Alpine generally take to it really well. It’s a nice change for them”.

However she admits it’s particularly physical at a recreational level and a real workout if you’re a holiday skier, “it’s a lot of work on the thighs!” Could this be putting people off? Jasmin says it’s a paradox, with people thinking it’s difficult for anyone with joint problems when actually it’s perfect for them, “because you never take your knees out of alignment and instead fold your leg behind you, the shock is absorbed into your joints to a lesser extent”.

 Jasmin spoke about her desire to compete at Olympic level back in 2012, and since then has worked hard to gain awareness for her campaign, “We did a demonstration of Telemark Skiing at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer. We were part of the Opening Ceremony and took athletes interested in Telemark. Their reaction was positive, they really enjoyed it. Most of them were surprised by how difficult it is to balance compared to alpine skiing, but they had fun”.

 Although Jasmin is the first Briton to win a World Championship medal in Telemark Skiing, currently ranking Number 1 for Great Britain and Number 4 in the World, what she needs is more athletes to compete against. But she thinks the tide is turning, “Yes there are more people taking part and I would say that the level is improving all the time. We’re definitely going in the right direction but it still needs to improve.

“It’s important that we have a spread of awareness of the sport by giving an insight into competitions and how to get involved. It’s just a marketing barrier, if you like, more people simply knowing about it”.

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