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Cold temperatures, snow and rain left teams struggling to record any meaningful lap times with Wednesday seeing only Fernando Alonso bother to complete a “hot lap”.

But there was enough running to show that Mercedes once again look like the team to beat and both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will take part in Tuesday’s session hoping to reinforce that perception.

Express Sport brings you all the latest from Barcelona and the top times as they come in.

  • Warmer temperatures please teams
  • McLaren break down early on with Vandoorne at wheel
  • Bottas and Vettel trade lap times but Ferrari lead at lunch
  • Hamilton takes over in afternoon

F1 testing – Day 1 LIVE

2.15pm: Lance Stroll has just hit the track for the first time today after Sergey Sirotkin did all the work for Williams this morning.

Vettel by the way is topping both the lap counts and the timing sheets. No change on the quickest yet today by the way. Hamilton still yet to really punch anything in – but fear not. I suspect there is plenty being held back by Mercedes at the moment.

1.30pm: Already a better afternoon for McLaren than their morning. Two decent runs on the super-softs and while the pace isn’t spectacular, at least they are running.

Hamilton has just done a 13-lap run of the soft tyres and not really pushed very hard for any of them. Mercedes keeping the cards a little closer to their chest.

1pm: Everybody eaten? I know I have. Lebanese flatbread, if you must know. Scrumptious.

Anyway, we’re back under GREEN FLAG conditions in Barcelona where Lewis Hamilton will be driving for Mercedes. What can he do with the Silver Arrow sat second on the timing sheets?

12pm: LUNCH. A solid morning all round, especially for Ferrari who have just snuck past Mercedes. Not a great day for McLaren of course. But wait, what have we here? Stoffel Vandoorne sneaks out of the pits just to get round briefly before the break and prove that his McLaren is still working. That is good news. A small chink of hope after a desperate morning.

Here’s a full rundown of the times as they stand so far.

1. Vettel, Ferrari, 1m20.396s; 2. Bottas, Mercedes, 1m20.596s; 3. Verstappen, Red Bull, 1m20.649s; 4. Gasly, Toro Rosso, 1m20.973s; 5. Magnussen, Haas, 1m21.298s; 6. Sirotkin, Williams, 1m21.588s; 7. Hulkenberg, Renault, 1m21.738s; 8. Ericsson, Sauber, 1m21.893s; 9. Perez, Force India, 1m21.936s; 10. Vandoorne, McLaren, 1m24.773s.

11.45am: 15 minutes until lunch (ooh, lunch). Most people seem to have taken the meal a little early: Red Bull, Williams, Haas, Force India and Sauber are still out on track and Verstappen is pumping in the laps on those medium tyres. I rather fancy the Red Bull might have plenty to it here and Verstappen is closing in on 80 laps this morning too.

All three of the top teams have more than 70 under their belt today – compared to a dismal day for McLaren, who have just four. No change at the top in terms of times though.

Top 3: Bottas, Mercedes, 1m20.596s; Vettel, Ferrari, 1m20.610s; Verstappen, Red Bull, 1m20.649s

11.15am: The soft tyre getting plenty of usage today it seems but Vettel is also finding plenty of pace on the mediums.

Verstappen is also on the white-rimmed tyres and has set some impressive times, going as fast as anyone in the middle sector at one point.

Top 3: Bottas, Mercedes, 1m20.596s; Vettel, Ferrari, 1m20.610s; Verstappen, Red Bull, 1m20.649s

10.45am: Still nothing coming from McLaren. Screens up around the garage but some of the reporters in the vicinity say it’s “hardly a hive of activity”. Not a good sign.

Mercedes and Ferrari are trading lap times, but Bottas is still quicker – just.

Top 3: Bottas, Mercedes, 1m20.596s; Vettel, Ferrari, 1m20.610s; Gasly, Toro Rosso, 1m20.973s

10.15am: Just over two hours gone and pretty much everyone is on the board now. 

It’s business at usual at the front and back: Mercedes and Ferrari are fastest while Sauber are slowest.

McLaren are still in the garage working out what caused their shutdown while Mercedes, who just suggested on Twitter that they try “turning it off and on again”, have passed the 50-lap mark already today.

Top 3: Bottas, Mercedes, 1m20.596s; Vettel, Ferrari, 1m20.653s; Gasly, Toro Rosso, 1m20.973s

9.40am: A little more on that McLaren breakdown. The team think the stop could have been engine related. Investigations ongoing while Toro Rosso happily zip around with their new-and-improved Honda engine…

McLaren statement: “We suffered a power shutdown during Stoff’s last run, meaning we lost data. The team are investigating, but we’ll be back out as soon as we can.”

9.10am: Vandoorne’s car has been recovered and we’re back to GREEN FLAG racing in Barcelona.

Top 3: Bottas, Mercedes, 1m20.756s; Verstappen, Red Bull, 1m21.587s; Perez, Force India, 1m23.576s

9.05am: RED FLAG! Oh no. A McLaren-Renault has broken down at the end of the pit lane and Stoffel Vandoorne is being retrieved on the back of a flat-bed trailer.

8.45am: The teams of course have the freedom to put whichever driver they want in the car. Some prefer to do one driver all day while others will split: Mercedes and Renault have both done that today so Valtteri Bottas is out early and had the fastest time on the medium tyres. Only Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Sergey Sirotkin have set times so far this morning. Here’s the run down of who will drive today too.

Ferrari – Vettel, Mercedes – Bottas/Hamilton, Red Bull – Ricciardo, Force India – Perez, Williams – Sirotkin, Renault – Hulkenberg/Sainz, Toro Rosso – Gasly, Haas – Magnussen, McLaren – Vandoorne, Sauber – Ericsson

8am: It’s not snowing! Thank your respective higher powers for that. That means we should get loads of laps in today and all the talk about going to Bahrain can be put on hold for a few days at least. GREEN FLAG has been waved and we are off!

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