Luis Nery is Banned For Life From Boxing in Japan

The Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) announced on March 9th that it will suspend former WBC world bantamweight champion Luis Nery (23) of Mexico from boxing activities in the country.

Typically under the current regulation the JBC would suspend Nery for 1 year for not being able to make the weight. The JBC ethics committee held its meeting on the 8th and determined that due to the excessive weight of Nery, it will make the punishment a permanent suspension – thus banning Nery from boxing in Japan for life.

Nery fought a WBC Bantamweight (53.5Kg or less) Championship rematch against the former champion Shinsuke Yamanaka on March 1st. On February 28th at the weigh-in Nery initially weighed in 2.3 kg over the limit and at the second weigh in he was 1.3 Kg over the weight limit.

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JBC stated “In boxing, a professional sport with weight limits are regulated, this action has caused severely impairing social credibility”. And “weighing over limit at a world title match, especially 2.3 Kg. over the limit is an extreme violation and requires an extreme punishment.”

Nery lost the title on the scale, the title became vacant, and the match resulted in 2rd TKO win for Nery where WBC title remained vacant, because Yamanakawas unable regain the belt and announced his retirement.

Nery stated after the fight “I am still undefeated, I can always win and take back the title again, I want to fight again in bantamweight and in Japan.”

The WBC also announced the indefinite suspension for Nery on March 2nd and stated that it will not allow Nery to fight in a title match until he appears for a hearing.

In order to make the disposition effective, the JBC issued their decision to the other boxing sanctioning bodies and requested their support and cooperation to quickly incorporate regulation for fines and penalties for not making weight to prevent this type of incident in the future.

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