NBA All-Star Game starters: LeBron James expected to be league’s top vote-getter

The All-Star Game starters will be announced this Thursday on TNT, marking the beginning of a brand new format for the NBA. No longer East vs. West, the league has gone to using captains who will select their own teams among the pool of All-Stars. These two captains will be the top vote leaders from each conference.

According to an early report, Lebron James is the current vote-getter in both conferences so he would become the first captain. While James getting the most votes isn’t exactly a surprise — even if Giannis Antetokounmpo gave him a run for his money — those votes will actually hold some weight this season.

The second captain, out of the West, is probably going to come down to Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant. They led the conference in votes when the second round of returns were released. Curry led the West in votes last season, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the always-popular Steph ended up being the second captain.

Hopefully there will also be some more information Thursday night about the All-Star Game draft itself. There have been rumors it won’t be televised and the NBA has stayed pretty secretive. With starters being announced it would be nice to actually know how this format is going to play out.

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