Philadelphia 76ers 2018 NBA Draft picture post NBA Trade deadline

After the NBA Trade deadline clears, the landscape for the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft has changed for the Philadelphia 76ers

The Apocalype is not just the end of all things, but the reference to an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.  Damage may not be the right word, but the concept pretty much describe the vigorous NBA Trade Deadline events which have muddied the water about the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft.  And while it could morph into a 50 slide article if I tried to capture each trade, let’s focus on the NBA Draft Picks held by the Philadelphia 76ers as we enter that 2018 NBA Draft.

This trade deadline did not deliver the occasional “mega-deal” which involved a surprising number of teams and a surprising number of stars.  There was no 2018 version of the Philadelphia 76ers four-team Andrew Bynum trade. But it did deliver a nearly complete retooling-on-the-fly for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

All 76ers draft picks impacted

But they were not the only team to do so. In fact, with the recent news of the Philadelphia 76ers planning to sign Marco Belinelli on or about Monday, February 12, the entire Philadelphia 76ers 2018 draft picks have been impacted by moves made by their original teams.  So it falls to the question, how did all that flurry of activity affect the 2018 NBA Draft?

As of February 10, 2018, the Philadelphia 76ers hold the third strongest draft hand.  The team is sitting at 11, 15, 37, 39, 45 and 59.  The teams who originally possessed those picks are, in order, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Houston Rockets.  Of those teams, the Lakers, Nets, Knicks, and Rockets all made moves at or shortly after the trade deadline.

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