These Rutgers students went ‘street skiing.’ Please don’t try this at home (VIDEO)

Oh, those college snow days.

Study? Nope. Catch up on some sleep? No, thanks. Grab your friend’s minivan, tie some rope to the end of it, slap on your skis and have a driver pull you through the streets of New Brunswick. Why not? 

That exactly what Jackson Luis and Alex Borgo, president and vice president of the Rutgers Ski and Snowboard Team, decided to do. Street skiing, they’re calling it.


Luis said it felt no different than any other ski session he’s had in the last 18 years — except someone tried to ruin the fun.

At one point one of the guys blurts out, ‘Oh, that’s a cop,’ and the video quickly cuts.

And yes, they were stopped by the police who asked them if what they were doing was a smart thing to do. The students admitted it was not, and the police said then they probably shouldn’t be doing it, according to Luis.

While they appreciated the advice, it didn’t stop them from continuing to shred the streets. Luis said they passed many cops throughout the day, and were mostly ignored by them.

Luis also added he hopes this is not going to be a one-time thing. He said we can expect street skiers “in greater numbers” next time snow hits the campus.

“Wear a helmet!” is his advice for others who want to give the newly coined sport a shot. (Our advice? Don’t try this at home.)

We called the Rutgers to see if they hope this sport is discontinued, but so far they have not returned our request for comment.

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